Our System Solutions


Half Sphere Vision System - The future of Visibility
Through the combination of our sensors, video switching and stitching units and displays we create a transparent helicopter. Augmented Reality leads to the future of Visibility in the aircraft.


Collision Avoidance Systems - The future of Safety
We offer avoidance systems for every use case. Lidar and optical based warning systems are combined to realise safety solutions for all Degraded Visual Environments.


Inflight Connectivity Systems - The future of Connectivity
Our product range delivers every type of connectivity needed for a modern aircraft - and all from a single source. Our Smart Antennas connect the aircraft to the outside world. Our Avionic Routers connect all devices within the aircraft and offers an additional mission computer for host third-party applications.
Our solutions also connect open world devices like EMDs to the certified world.
Video switching and stitching solutions connect the different sensors to our displays.